What type of payment methods does in focUS apparel accept?
  • Payments can be made by Cash, Company Check, or Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express) using our safe and secure checkout.
What type of shipping is available?
  • Our preferred shipping is available via UPS ground for domestic orders. Expedited shipping and other shipping providers are also available. Please contact us directly for expedited and other provider shipping estimates.
What is the standard turnaround time?
  • Most orders are completed within 7 - 10 business days from the date we receive your deposit, all garments have been received, proofs have been approved, and we then begin processing. Although we cannot guarantee turnaround times, if your order will take longer than 7 - 10 business days, we will inform you and give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete. Turnaround times do not include shipping transit time, so please schedule accordingly. Rush services are available for an additional fee.
What about artwork proofs?
  • All artwork produced by our graphics department will be proofed to you before printing occurs. Please inspect these proofs carefully, checking for appropriate spelling, dimensions, placements, etc. Proofs will also include a recap of your order, so please inspect these elements to ensure that quantities, colors, and garment types are correct. If any revisions are necessary, please inform US during the proofing process. Once artwork is approved, orders cannot be stopped or changed. Orders will not be processed until the approval process is complete.
Who owns the artwork designed by in focUS apparel’s graphics department?
  • All design work including but not limited to screens, artwork, films and embroidery files are the sole property of in focUS apparel, LLC. The design is the property of the designer and cannot be reproduced without written permission. Licensing of artwork produced by in focUS apparel is available. Please contact US to discuss licensing if you wish to use our designs for other endeavors.
What about client-supplied graphics?
  • Customers that supply their own artwork retain ownership of their original submitted files. Any re-design or set-up graphics such as color separations or embroidery digitization are the property of in focUS apparel, LLC. By submitting client-supplied artwork to US, you are granting US the permission to use any portion of your designs for the purpose of fulfilling your order. in focUS apparel is not responsible for any copyright infringement as a result of any client-supplied artwork.
What if my graphics aren’t print-ready?
  • Graphic fees may apply if artwork is not print-ready. Standard fees for color separation is $50 per print area and standard digitization fees for embroidery are $25 - $50 per embroidery area. Graphic fees may also apply for vinyl cutting setup if your artwork requires additional set up. Please see our FAQ regarding preferred file types for information about file format and file size requirements for client supplied artwork.
What are your preferred file types?
  • Vector format artwork is the preferred format for screen printing. Acceptable file types for vector formats are pdf, eps, ai, or crd files. Please ensure that all fonts are converted to curves / "outlined," and all colors separated before saving files. Files submitted as raster images have to be traced as vector images or re-created for screen printing to occur. This process may involve additional graphic design fees, depending on the complexity of the image. Common file types for raster images include jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, and psd. If submitting psd files, please ensure that the image is “flattened” prior to sending. Raster images (jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, and psd) files are acceptable file formats for 4-color process printing (paper products) and vinyl printing. Raster images should be at 300dpi resolution. Image quality reduction may occur with images less than 300dpi. Please note that the majority of imagcolorses from the web have a dpi of 72. Both vector and raster images may be submitted for embroidery digitization. The final format for embroidery digitization is a dst file. If you choose to submit your own dst files, embroidery digitization fees will not be incurred for the 1st sew out and test.
Is there a minimum order size for screen printing?
  • Yes. Screen printing is the most effective method for large quantity orders. Therefore, a minimum of 24 - 36 pieces is required for screen printing orders. Orders less than 24 pieces are best done using our vinyl heat transfer method, which is available here. Please keep in mind that we advise ordering extra as industry standards allow for a 2% to 5% misprint ratio. If your order needs to be exact, please order additional.
Does garment color make a difference?
  • Yes. Garments for screen printing are usually divided into two categories, light color garments and dark color garments. The main difference being that dark color garments usually require an "underbase" for screen printing. The underbase is a base layer of white ink that is applied prior to the application of other colors. This ensures that all the colors on the garment “pop” with brightness and clarity.
What is color separation?
  • Color separation is the process of breaking an image down to individual colors. Each color in an image is printed separately, and requires it’s own screen. The image then looks whole again once the separate colors come together on the garment.
What are the maximum dimensions for screen printing?
  • Maximum dimensions vary based on print placements. We offer several different print placements, which are outlined with their respective maximum dimensions under the "Customer Portal" section under "Artwork Guidelines". You may also contact our office with any particular questions about placement or sizing restrictions.
In embroidery what is digitizing and why do I need to digitize my image?
  • Digitizing an image for embroidery is the process of putting the file in a format the sewing machines will understand. This file contains information about embroidery specific details such as the stitch patterns and thread count. This information tells the machine HOW to embroider your file, and is a necessary first step in the embroidery process. A digitized file is required in order to quote your embroidery job, as embroidery pricing is based on quantities and thread total stitch counts.
Do you offer any personalization?
  • Personalization is available for embroidery and heat transfers, but not screen print. Please allow for additional production time on personalization orders i.e. names, positions, player numbers.