There are several different methods of heat transfer decoration available and we offer the following:

Heat Transfer Vinyl:
“HTV” isn’t your 1980’s or ’90’s sports team uniform vinyl that had your name and number on the back of a jersey.  Back then it was super heavy and would stick together when you pulled it out of the dryer.  With all the new technology available today, the vinyl is softer and more pliable.  This decoration method is ideal for sports jerseys, monograms, low quantity run jobs (just a few T-shirts), and designs that are not very detailed and have one or just a few colors.

Digital T-shirt Transfers:
This heat transfer method has come a long way due to technology and the quality of printers used.  These transfers allow for full color artwork and photographic images to  be digitally printed to sheets by a printer and then applied to a garment with a commercial heat press.  Don’t be fooled.  These are not your Big Box Store bought T-shirt transfers printed with a home or office printer!   They are far more advanced and wash and wear better.  There are some artwork requirements and design / artwork specs that work well with these and some that do not.  Please let our graphic design team who have years of experience help you decide if this is the correct method for your project.

Dye Sublimation:
In this heat transfer process, water based inks are printed onto a special heat transfer paper with a printer specifically made for handling and outputting this kind of ink.  Once the “dye sub” sheets are imprinted they are laid onto light colored or white polyester fabrics.  A commercial heat press takes the water based dye ink and transforms it into a gas that once heated is bonded to the polyester garment.  The end result is a very vibrant imprint that has “no hand” or feel since it is not raised ink or laid on top of the garment but is actually dyed into the fabric.  This is a very nice method of decoration for full color or photographic imagery. The one drawback is that it must be done on 100% polyester garments preferably white or very light colors.

Screen Print Heat Transfers:
Screen printed heat transfers are created similar to normal screen print decorated garments.   However, instead of being imprinted directly to the garment and cured with heat, the design is imprinted onto heat transfer sheets.  These screen printed heat transfer sheets are coated with a special dust like component and not fully cured so when applied to a garment and pressed with a commercial heat press they are then cured to the garment.  Screen printed heat transfers are great for team sports, school spirit carts, or multi / single colored jobs that might not be ordered at one time.  Screen print transfers can be ordered ahead of time and then garments pressed as needed.  There is no need for set-up costs each time the same job needs to be run.  Please call one of our experienced sales reps to see if this method of decoration makes sense for your school, team, or organization’s project.